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核心提示:模具专业术语中英对照:All in English& Imperial Unit.全部使用英文和英制单位; Are part dimensions to print plus shrink?请检查内模尺寸有否乘缩水?

All in English& Imperial Unit.全部使用英文和英制单位

Are part dimensions to print plus shrink?请检查内模尺寸有否乘缩水?

All wires protected from shaRP corners?凡有电线通过的角位要改为R角,是否完成?

All replaceable components must be standard components.所有替换的元件必须是标准件。

Add shot counter?是否加啤塑总计器?

A complicated mould with thorough design consideration to overcome the numerous design contraints.


All moving components should use hardened steel : all slides should be installed with hardend or lubricated alloy wear plates and gibs, and with positive slide retainer.


BOM including water fittings,ejectors&custom components.BOM的内容应包含运水接头,顶针和自制的零件.

BeCu for lifters if w/o water circuits。若没有运水回路,斜顶为铍铜。

Corresponding components mirrored at core&cavity对应的部件在前、后模平面视图中镜像

Check polish for line of draw finish?有否省光就出模?

Core pull slot mechanism installed and O.K.

Crane capacity and loading clearance.模具须用多大吊机才可搬动。

Conduct moldflow &mold waRP analysis.经流道及变形电脑模拟分析。

Component and/or 3D mould design drawing.散件图或3D模具图

Cooling less important when dimensions are not important.若尺寸不重要,适量冷却也可。

Combine a traditional 4 cavity edge gate and a 4 cavities reverse gate mould which help to double the moulding capacity and reduce production cost.


Can be seperated into two individual moulds for moulding in two different mould shops.


Consists of all standard mould components which facilitates mould maintenance.


Die draw called out出模方向的标示

Dimension all the opening , travel & clearance标出前、后模距离,滑动部件滑动距离和塑件脱离的位置

DME egr. Water fittings recessed and marked?是否使用DME运水接头及编号?

Delivery right side up , or in two halves?开箱后是否容易吊出模具及是否分开前/后模运输?

Eyebolt size and balance in 2 sides吊模孔尺寸,平衡,4边都要有

Ejection stroke & slide, lifter travel dimensioned出行程、行位、斜顶行程的标注。

Ejection study if lifter adopted若有斜顶,做出分析。

Ejection extended at the most顶出到极限位置

Ejector guide pins installation .顶针导柱的安装。

Eyebolts for inserts more than 50lbs.重量大于50lbs的镶件必须要有吊模孔。

Edge gate or sprue gate requiring secondary operation acceptable.边缘型或直入型水口都可以接受。

4 point in HRC different to lifters contacting or cavity steel.斜顶和与其接触的内模或镶件在硬度上


4X size section , dimensioned to reflect the actual size.

General ,safety and handling 常规、安全和搬运要求

Guided ejection recommended for mould above 100 tons clamp capacity, ejector pins of 1.5mm or smaller, or ejector stroke longer than 50mm.


Guide pin cleared and vented?边钉插入模板有否顶着及加疏气空?

Hot manifold wired to print and checked? 热咀电线接位有否编号?

Horn pin clearance hole?斜边与行位有否空间?

Hydraulic actuated slide together with electrical limit switch.


Heaters fitted+0.002/-.000, leads tagged and connected to terminal.热嘴装配,电线源头、尾有否安装稳固。(+0.002/.000)

Inserts keyed and numbered to prevent incorrect assembly.镶件定位和编号以防止不正确的组装。

Jaw angle 3 deg.more than angle pins(<25 degree).斜面角度要比行位斜边角度大3度(<25度)。

Keep enough space to run waterline at slide /lifter/major inserts.在行位、斜顶、主要镶件处保留足够位置(空间)布置水槽。

Lifter angle less than 15 degree.斜顶角度小于15度。

Lifter rods dia, less than 1".斜顶杆直径不能少于1"。

Limit switch in tact and protected.是否已安装限位制?

Moldbase and steel dimensioned模坯和钢料号的标注

Minimum 5 deg.for shut-off.斜顶镶件最小5度插穿。

Mechanism for sequence动作机构是否正确?

Mold safety straps installed and painted red?是否已安装安全带及喷上正确颜色在模坯上?

Mould flow and simulation should be carried out for the best gate location, filling analysis, pressure distribution and heat distribution.


Mould should be designed with maximum cooling and with appropriate amount of ejection points.


Mould should be able to run fully automatic. Large part should be picked up by robot.


Mould should be tested to meet a defined Cpk quality standard.模具经过测试,符合预定的Cpk质量标准。

Mould should have safety features to protect accidental damage, incorrect assembly and set up of mould.模具应具备可以预防意外损害及错误安装等安全特性。

Mould halves requiring accurate alignment of core and cavity, and shut off should have appropriate part line locks.上、下模需要精确配合或有擦位的地方, 模具一定要有直身锁。

Mould requiring heating should have insulator plate.需要加热的模具,必须有隔热板。

Mould preferred to run automatic; self-degating whenever possible.模具最好能自动生产,模具尽可能自断水口。

No obstructions on buttom surface of mold?模具必须稳定位置如有凸出物请加脚座,是否完成?

Overall mold size of the moldbase & shut height模坯长宽和模厚(模架的长宽)

Outlets accessible and marked " IN OUT and NUMBER"?出入水位有否打上IN 、OUT 字码?

Protruding items shown and protected。画出突出部件并做好保护。

Parting line at the acceptable surface.合模分布在合理可接受的表面。

Put waterline as much as possible/wherever possible。尽可能布置多的运水。

Put waterline for slide /lifter/insert wherever possible.尽可能在行位、斜、镶件布置运水。

Parting line cleared and released properly?分模线是否正确?

Proper locating ring and diameter?定位圈尺寸及直径是否正确?

Proper radius and orifice on sprue bushing and keyed.唧嘴R及管钉是否正确?

Part line lock recommended when there is shut off.当有擦位时,最好有直身锁保护。

Protruding items shown and protected.如有零件凸出,模坯请加保护物。

Proper K.O. holes size and location.顶棍孔尺寸及位置是否正确?

Runners to be balanced. 流道必平衡。

Runners cross section type and size as per standard.流道切面形状和尺寸符合标准。

Runner and parts should be ejected automatically .Multiple ejection should be avoided.


Sufficient view and section足够的视图和切面图

Safety Strap in red模块藏入模坯,要涂成红色。

Standing steel supported to keep stable.加撑脚以保前、后模能平稳放置。

Support pillars>50% part projection area , steel :1040。撑头面积大于50%的产品投影面积,材料:1040.

Safety strap clear tie bar?锁模块与哥林柱冲突吗?

Sucker with reverse 10 deg. Undercut。10度倒扣的流道拉料杆。

Steel type & hardness of slide &heel blocks行位和压条的料号和硬度。

Sufficient stroke of lifters(1/16"+ undercut size)?斜顶是否有足够的行程(1/16”+倒扣尺寸)?

Sufficient stroke for floating plate?浮动板是否有足够的行程?

Sufficient stroke as well as part and runner falls clear.是否有足够的行程使品和流道脱落?

Spring around return pins and press ratio<33?是否有回针的弹簧及其压缩比(<33%)?

Special instruction stamped on top and operator side?客户如有特别指示请打在模坯顶及操作面上,有否完成?

Screws tight and all installed?螺丝是否全部收紧?

Support posts ground and screwed to clamp plate and pre-loaded.撑头是否高出方铁?

Spring pockets correct depth , spring deflection max.40%?全部弹弓压缩比是否为1/3 S?

Standing steel well supported?成品与内模之间的钢材是否足够?

Single drop of cold sprue gating is designed after moldflow analysis, which ensures a balance flow of plastic and easy for moulding.用moldflow分析决定产品的入水位置,使胶料分流平均,易于注塑。

Self-degating whenever possible .Hot runner system should be considered.……热流道系统应该加以考虑。

Standard components should be used.尽量使用标准件。

Semi-automatic and use of mould release acceptable.半自动工手放镶件也可

Update title block/revision.更新标题栏/版本

Use standard components when appropriate.适当的时候使用标准件。

View of deepest point最深点(位置)的剖切视图

Water circuits should run out form the ejection box.运水应从出水槽中流出。

Waterlines clear tie bar and clamp slot?运水是否同哥林柱和模槽有冲突?

Will mould fit in quoted press?可否配合客户啤机?

Waterlines clear tie bars.运水喉咀接驳位要离开啤机呵林柱咀接驳。

Waterline clear clamp slot.运水喉咀接驳位要离开啤机码模坑。

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